Safety Culture Assessment

If you saw something in the workplace that cause you to be concerned about safety, would you speak up? Would someone listen? We hope so, but either way we want to know.

Eligible Sibley employees and medical staff who provide care to our patients are invited to provide feedback on safety and teamwork in the workplace by completing the Safety Culture Assessment. The survey invitations were emailed on Tuesday, Jan. 17, by Pascal Metrics, an independent company specializing in patient safety analytics. Responses are anonymous and confidential.

Your feedback is valuable to ensure our patients receive the safest level of care. Survey responses are extremely important in helping us to continue to provide excellence and compassionate care, every person–every time. Take the survey, then join your manager and create an action plan to help build and sustain a strong safety culture that fosters open communication, encourages staff members to speak up and supports a learning environment.

Starting Wednesday, Jan. 25, an individual that has completed the survey will be randomly selected for a prize by Pascal Metrics every Wednesday (Jan. 25, Feb. 1, Feb. 8, and Feb. 15). You will be notified by email from Pascal Metrics alerting you that you have won and where to go to get your prize. To protect your confidentiality, no one at Sibley or Johns Hopkins will know that you have been selected, and it is completely up to you on whether you would like to claim your prize.

Survey responses must be submitted by Tuesday, Feb. 28 to be counted. If you have questions about the survey, you can reach out to your department manager or Alyson Stalzer, patient safety manager, at You should also check Daily Buzz for updates during the survey period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Safety Culture Assessment?
The Safety Culture Assessment is a survey administered across Johns Hopkins Medicine that measures caregiver attitudes related to the climate or culture of safety throughout the organization. The tool provides a snapshot of the overall safety culture in a given work area.
What does the Safety Culture Assessment Measure?
Safety culture measures teamwork, safety, job satisfaction, stress recognition, perceptions of unit management, perceptions of hospital management and working conditions.
How do I take the survey?
Your department leadership has identified a coordinator who will work with your department or manager to administer the survey. The Safety Culture Assessment will be administered by email. For details, please ask your manager or Alyson Stalzer, patient safety manager, at
Who will have access to my responses? Will my manager or someone from Sibley see my answers?
All personal responses to this survey will be kept completely confidential. At no point will anyone at Sibley or Johns Hopkins, including senior leaders and managers, be privy to the origins of specific feedback. Managers and other hospital leaders will be able to see survey data at the unit or department level. Units or departments with fewer than five respondents will not be included in the survey results.

FAQ about the Safety Culture Assessment (SCA) Survey Questions from Week 1

Is my department eligible to participate in the survey?
Compared to the 2015 survey, we are surveying an additional 40+ departments, along with clinical units. Even with this increase, some departments may not be surveyed. Please check with your department head or manager if you are not sure if your department is participating.

How will I receive the survey?
The Safety Culture Assessment (SCA) will come to your johnshopkins email or another email if that is what you have on file with your department (this is mainly Physicians). The email will come from support@pascalmetrics and the title will be JHMI Safety Culture Assessment from Pascal Metrics. The survey link is unique to you, so please do not forward it to others or complete a link that has been forwarded to you.

My department is participating; why did I not get an email with a survey link?
Unfortunately, the criteria to be eligible for the survey, per Pascal Metric are those individuals that work 20 or more hours a week in their work setting and those that have been in their work setting more than a month. If you feel like you meet this criteria, please contact your manager. You can be added during the survey period.
If you do not meet the above criteria: We still need you to voice your safety concerns – there are numerous ways to do this – talk to your team leader, charge nurse, manager, and/or department leader. Also, become involved in your local Comprehensive Unit Based Safety Program (CUSP) Team and take part in the 2 Question Survey – How will the next patient be harmed and what can I do to reduce this harm?
If you have a non-johnshopkins email on file (ie. Medical Providers), please check your junk or spam folder as your survey email may have inadvertently ended up in this folder.

My survey is complete, so why do I keep getting reminders?
If you feel you completed the survey but continue to get reminders, your survey was not submitted in the system. Go to your personalized link, make sure the survey is complete and go to the last page and click Submit.

I started my survey but then got busy and had to step away, and my survey timed out. What should I do?
If a person is pulled away in the middle of the survey, it will time out after about 30 minutes.  This is for security purposes.  They can go back to the survey link and open up the survey again picking up where they left off.  If they click the back error, it will go to the unique ID log in screen.  They need to return to the link they received in the email and enter the survey using that only.

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