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Question: Can some “color” (ex, paintings, etc.) please be added to the units? The current color scheme appears all the same “tan.”

Answer: We certainly want our new patient tower to be welcoming and pleasant, both for our patients and visitors and our staff. In fact, the artwork in the new patient tower was selected, in part, because of the various vibrant color schemes they reflect. We selected the current room and wall colors specifically to provide an aesthetically pleasing and soothing background and the response from our patients to the color schemes has been overwhelmingly positive. We believe we have achieved the right balance of art work and building color schemes and there are no plans at this time to add further artwork on the building walls.

Campus Map

Question: Thank you for the maps of the new alphabetic system for the buildings. Could the next edition include the streets Loughboro and Dalecarlia and a north/south/east/west directional? It would be much easier to explain where people need to go if there are streets on the maps.

Answer: Thanks for this great suggestion. In fact, if you look at the latest version of our patient and visitor guide you will see that this information is contained on the map.

Photos at Work Stations

Question: We all love working at Sibley, and we are completely grateful to be working in the new tower. Why are we not allowed to have a family photo by our desks at the nursing stations?

Answer: I understand that we all wish to be surrounded with visual reminders of our families and loved one and I certainly sympathize with your wanting to do so at your work station. However, it’s also important to remember the perceptions that such photographic items may have on our patients and visitors. We want to project an image of professionalism, uncluttered efficiency and neatness. As you may know, when we moved to the new patient tower, we made a deliberate decision to limit a number of items that could distract from its appearance, including posters, signs and other nonessential items. We want our patients and visitors to know they are entering a very special space when they come to the new patient tower and I hope you agree.

Unit Upgrades

Question: When will 2 East and ICU be upgraded to be a five-star experience? Right now the climate control is poor, regardless of how many times the area is cleaned it looks dirty.


There are no plans at this time to renovate 2 East and ICU. The projects have to be prioritized and the current priority is the scope that has been identified for Building C. The scope of the Building C renovation is:

  • Replace the building envelope: windows, flashing, roofs, cast stone elements.
  • Replace infrastructure for HVAC, electrical and data distribution.
  • Gut floors 3 to 6 and 2 West and leave as a “warm lit” shell. During this phase, the heating and air conditioning plant will be upgraded.
  • Build out a new Maternal Fetal Medicine Department where L&D is currently located.
  • Remodel the main lobby.
  • There are no plans at this time for upgrading these units at this time; however, plans are underway to determine the best use of the remaining space in Building C. This area was last renovated about 17 years ago so shouldn’t have HVAC issues but we will look into this issue.

Baby Chime

Question: We have a very busy office (in the Renaissance building) and one of our delights was to hear those special chimes whenever a child was born at Sibley. Why don’t we hear the chimes anymore?

Answer: Thanks for your concern over our audible celebrations of these joyous events. I could not agree with you more! We also love the chimes and are working hard to restore them. There were some technical issues when we moved into Building B that are being corrected to allow the chimes to ring once again.

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