Awards and Recognition – February 2017


Congratulations to Tara Rowden, R.N., for winning the DAISY award.

Her nomination letter read:

Tara was so understanding and genuinely attentive, supportive and concerned throughout our whole birthing process and labor, even being very sensitive to my fears and issues with needles and hospitals. She explained everything competently and thoroughly, including the monitors, IV bags, needles, etc. She even held me while the epidural was administered (while my husband held my hands) and her comfort, caring and support were vital in my getting through the process without a panic attack. I felt Tara’s strength as she effectively communicated what was happening and what was going to happen at and during each stage of the birthing process. The previous “unknowns” I had feared were addressed and explained completely to where I knew what to expect and how to get through them with confidence.

She even helped me adjust and reposition when I was numb from the epidural and she shared personal stories about assisting at other childbirths, giving me confidence that I was being helped by someone who knew exactly what she was doing. Based on her knowledge and experiences, I felt I had the strength to make the critical decisions about my care. Tara’s soothing voice, gentleness of nature, warm smile and personality were so comforting that I was able to let go of my fears and concerns and “be fully present” in my baby’s birth. And her sense of commitment to excellence and purpose about the process and the wonder and miracle of childbirth supported and helped me tremendously. I felt I could truly trust Tara and that I was viewed as a patient who was special and whose fears and anxiety were understood, accepted, and addressed with sensitivity. Knowing this, I could let go of them.

While Tara was called away to two emergency C-sections while I was in labor, she was calm, attentive and extremely helpful when she returned to my side. And she truly went “above and beyond” before going to the C-sections, making the extra effort to ensure another nurse was checking on me while she was away. I never felt alone or abandoned to my own thoughts, anxiety or fears, but felt that I was being cared for 100 percent. As I proceeded through labor, my every concern, pain and change that accompanied the birthing stages was addressed with sensitivity and knowledge.

Without Tara, I know I would not have had the positive birth experience we had. Our first born came into this world on Oct. 16, 2016, healthy and well. And his mom and dad are beaming with pride and are genuinely appreciative of Tara for helping us to make this a memorable, successful birth.

Club Memory® Anniversary

On Oct. 28, 2016, Sibley’s Club Memory® celebrated five years of service to and in support of persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia (ADRD)and their care partners. Seventy-five members attended the special event, which included dancing, photos taken with a special 5th anniversary frame, delicious food and visits from old friends and our Sibley Foundation team.

In the five years of Club Memory® history, a total of seven new clubs (including six in underserved areas) have been launched, and presently over 400 people are actively being served.

Winter Employee Recognition Awards


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