New Diversity Training – March 2017

Unconscious Bias Awareness – Recent breakthroughs in the neuro- and cognitive sciences have shown how the human mind relates to other people through the lens of our own cultural background. Exploring unconscious bias is a powerful path to help us gain insights into our individual and group identities, thinking styles and behaviors. The course will provide an introduction to unconscious bias and the knowledge and skills necessary to raise our own awareness. Many thanks to the Department of Finance and Supply Chain Integration for their partnership and financial contribution to make this course available.

Transgender 101: Fundamentals of Interacting with Transgender Patients, Family Members and Co-Workers – As Johns Hopkins Medicine moves forward with plans to open a new Center for Transgender Health, it is important that our faculty members, staff members and students have an understanding of the transgender community, including the impacts of social stigma and discrimination on health disparities. This course will provide the differentiation among core terms, such as sex, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation, and the importance of using the proper terminology. Key communication techniques will be reviewed to help ensure and enhance the dignity and respect shown to our transgender patients and staff members.

The Unconscious Bias Awareness and Transgender 101 courses are now available on the myLearning website. You are encouraged to take both courses and view the introductory video from Dr. Rothman and Mr. Peterson about how diversity enriches the Johns Hopkins Medicine family, enabling us to grow and thrive.

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