AWARDS AND RECOGNITION: Employees of the Year

Employees of the Year

Congratulations to three of our Sibley Stars who have recently been recognized for their excellent work!

Robert Jewell, director, environmental services, was named one of the 2016 Employees of the Year by the Healthcare Council of the National Capital Area. Rob was nominated for his consistent dedication to improving Sibley and providing excellent service. Hiswork to improve the disposal process for regulated medical waste resulted in a reduction of around 1,000 pounds of waste per month. He is a champion for sustainability and improving the health of Sibley staff, helping to educate on the importance of sustainability and serving as a leader of the healthy hospital team. Additionally, we have Rob to thank for our wonderful employee garden–he led the design team and orchestrated the staff to make our garden a reality.

James “JT” Thomas, director, respiratory care and emergency management, also was named one of the Healthcare Council of the National Capital Area’s 2016 Employees of the Year. JT was nominated for his leadership in ensuring safety and quality at Sibley. JT orchestrated the move to Building B, our new patient tower, by working tirelessly to ensure a seamless and safe transition for patients and staff. In addition to his roles here at Sibley, JT also serves as elected-vice chairman of the District of Columbia Healthcare Coalition, leading countless initiatives to ensure patient safety. Thanks to JT, our patients are enjoying “Quiet Nights,” allowing for improved rest and recovery, and our processes for improving quality and safety are always improving.

Ronnie Peters, SPO, safety and security, was named 2016 Employee of the Year for Sibley Security by Johns Hopkins Corporate Security. Ronnie is known for going above and beyond to care for the safety and comfort of our patients, visitors and staff. His team describes him as a “great asset to the Sibley community” and his compassionate work makes him well respected among his colleagues. Not only is he highly efficient and thorough in his work, but he also always exhibits a positive philosophy, making him an excellent mentor for other staff. Many of our patients ask for Ronnie by name, and he’s been called a “guardian angel” by more than one of them. Ronnie lives our Sibley mission each and every day, and we thank him for all of his hard work and commitment!

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