INNOVATION AND LEAN DESIGN: Lean Two-Day Workshop and Design Project Update

Lean Sigma (Two-Day) Workshop

Lean is the relentless pursuit of eliminating waste from a process. The last FY17 workshop is scheduled for April 26 and 27. FY18 workshop dates will be uploaded to myLearning under the Sibley catalog in early July: SMH 2 Day Lean Workshop.

Below are three successful examples of lean deployment at Sibley:

  • Establishing a PT Schedule for Total Joint Patients on the Orthopaedic Unit by Lisa Ronayne
  • Increasing Productivity Through Use of An Acuity Tool by Natasha Schultz
  • Patient Complaints and Grievances Resolution: Patient Relations and Risk Management Consolidated Workflow by Danielle Miller

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Design Project Update

Stopping the Ice Machine Spray by Christine Inglisa, Alison Arnott, Rob Jewell, Vivian Gibson

The ice machines in Building B spray out ice cubes when people try to fill cups or bags with ice (the machines in the main hallway; not the staff rooms). The team researched how other organizations (e.g., Target) handled ice machines and began prototyping with spray shields, directions/signage and indicators, such as sparkly tape, showing users where to hold the cup. The team prototyped a plastic spray guard and is now prototyping the addition of a funnel using paper cups.

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