Sibley MDeNews July 2017: Sibley Hematologic Malignancy Program Opened July 10

Sibley has created a hematologic malignancy program that is part of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center at Sibley. The program began seeing both inpatients and outpatients on Monday, July 10, with six beds dedicated to hematologic oncology care at Sibley. The program is led by Margaret M. Showel, M.D., clinical associate, hematologic malignancies program, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Showel completed her fellowship in medical oncology at Johns Hopkins University and will focus on patients with myeloid disorders and acute leukemia. The Sibley hematology core clinical group coordinated on the development and launch of the program, along with Deirdre Torto, M.P.H., assistant administrator, Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center.

In addition to Dr. Showel, the program includes the following team members:

  • Program co-lead, a physician who will work collaboratively with Dr. Showel, also focusing on patients with myeloid disorders and acute leukemia (to be named)
  • Four additional physicians—one focused on multiple myeloma; a second on lymphoma; a hematopathologist; and a hospitalist, who is focused broadly on medical oncology, but has a specific focus on hematologic oncology inpatients (to be named)
  • Allison Steinberg, R.N., oncology nurse specialist
  • Laura Hendricks-Jackson, director of acute oncology services

Goals for the program include:

  • Seeing between 75 and 100 patients in the first year, growing to more than 400 patients per year in subsequent years.
  • Ensuring that the level of care for hematologic malignancies is standard and consistent across Johns Hopkins Health System.
  • Opening Johns Hopkins University hematologic malignancy clinical trials to patients at Sibley.

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